Dreaming the Cities

Dreaming The Cities – About

How does the highly networked, digital, hyperconnected contemporary world changes the cities and our perceptions of our place of belonging? Is it possible to seize, in the globalized environment we live in, the fertility of transculturation, conversion of diversities, without losing our most precious singularities? The concept of ‘coming together’ has been long shifted from the physical by the technological possibilities of communicating. Our new senses of presence, longing, belonging and distance allows us to thrive during the recent world crisis, and sustain our lifestyles, economies and habits, with severe adaptations. What are the imperatives that rule a city?

 How would you describe it to a complete stranger without previous information? By its landscapes, shapes, sounds, colors, its rhythm, popular sayings? What identities represent it, and how might their expres- sions be assimilated by the other? By virtually bending the space in a digital co-creative experience, Dreaming the Cities proposes a long-distance exchange with artists from two singular cities with the intent to bring closer contrasting realities and ways of making unique artistic expres- sions, besides all adversities. 

The exchange of perspectives about each other’s place and the translation proposed by these diverse expressions holds the potential to bridge not only reflections or sensations, but also to bring together solutions for the challenges imposed to artistic production. “Dreaming the cities” is an artistic collaborative project which connects marginalized, diverse and emerging artists to imagine how the future of cities should evolve. In a series of mediated encounters, both sides will get to know these cities through the lenses of the creative works, the imaginaries brought by other artists, and create a singular work based on the speculation of a dreamt possibility of a city. 

Gambiarra is the theme of our first adaptation, as a cultural concept, proposes an interesting reflection about making something out of poor resources, or in adverse situations. It has a strong bond with technologies and is oriented to solve problems. One of our main goals in this multicultural project is creating an environment that welcomes different voices to speak about their experiences in their local art scenes, with the intention to inspire, represent pluralities and that serve as proposals for desired changes on “the other side” of this “digital scene”.